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East Coast Wine Trail
East Coast Wine Trail

Friday, 26 June 2020

d'Arenberg pushes the organic envelope

Look for several new releases from McLaren Vale wine producer d'Arenberg with the word "organic" emblazoned across the front label. 

While organic and biodynamic practices have been at the heart of winemaking and viticulture at d’Arenberg for a long time, the launch of the new ‘The Organic’ range underlines chief winemaker Chester Osborn’s commitment to sustainable practices.

The first wines to be adorned with a new ‘Organic’ label are, The Witches Berry Chardonnay, Stephanie the Gnome with Rose Coloured Glasses Rosé and The Love Grass Shiraz.

The first three wines in the new range bring their NASAA-certified organic and biodynamic status to the fore.

“We’ve been practicing organics at d’Arenberg for many decades without being certified, and we started trialing biodynamics in the early 2000s, adopting them in the last decade," says Osborn. 

"In 2018 we obtained the winery certification for organic and biodynamic, hence the inclusion on the labels now.” 

Harmony between environmental sustainability and wine industry practice is a strong commitment for d'Arenberg. 

All d'Arenberg estate and leased vineyards have been certified for organic and biodynamic processes since 2015. 

“Organic and biodynamic wine making sees higher-quality wines, partly due to the lack of fertiliser, as well as other vineyard practices such as no use of glyphosate or other herbicides," says Osborn (below). 

"Biodynamics increases the complexity of the wine, with a creamier fuller flavor developing, as well as greater length. Organic and biodynamic practices accentuate the soil and geological expression of the site.”

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