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Wednesday 17 June 2020

Would you like your wine low cal, low alcohol and with zero sugar?

Choosing a wine is becoming almost as complicated as ordering a coffee in the United States.

California-based Scheid Family Wines has launched its new low-alcohol, low-calorie, zero- sugar wine label, ‘Sunny With a Chance of Flowers’.

They are designed to sit, so we are told, in the trending "better for you" wine category.

The Sunny With a Chance of Flowers range has 85 calories per five-ounce serving, offering consumers 30% fewer calories than an average serving of wine.

The 2019 Sauvignon Blanc, 2018 Chardonnay and 2018 Pinot Noir are 100% varietal wines with 9% alcohol by volume.

Executive vice president of Scheid Family Wines Heidi Scheid says there was a demand in the US for wine consumers wanting to enjoy a glass or two on the lighter side of the spectrum.

“We saw a gap in the marketplace,” Scheid said. “Consumers are looking for a wine that is not only ‘better for you’ with zero sugar, low calories and low alcohol, it also needs to be delicious and authentically sourced and produced.

“Our winemaking team conducted so many wine tasting trials that we lost count in order to produce a wine that doesn’t make you feel like you’re giving up anything.

“With its positive message and attributes, Sunny is a mindfully made wine that makes you feel good inside and out.”

Scheid Family Wines is a family-owned company that has made wine in Monterey County, California since 1972. No news yet on an Australian distributor. 

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