Sunday, 14 June 2020

Are consumers ready to buy wine online through Amazon?

Consumers have become used to buying books and music from online etailer Amazon, but are they ready to buy wine from the same source?

Amazon Australia’s newly launched alcohol delivery service has angered wine retailers, with some disappointed by suppliers that are supporting the new model.

Will customers buy based on ease and price, or will they continue to support their local retail outlets that offer personal advice?

Corey Leeson, the general manager of Independent Liquor Retailers (ILR) told National Liquor News that Amazon's arrival in an already competitive marketplace “feels like a kick in the guts”.

“I had a look today and suppliers are blatantly using this service to bypass retailers," he said. "It is not the first one we have seen but this is certainly the most high profile and you can see the suppliers who are supporting this platform.

“Like the independents don’t have enough competition without suppliers cutting retailers out and going direct to consumers. We have supported and grown their brands through traditional, quality retail and they now feel they can bypass us to save a few dollars."

Amazon says it aims to offer "the convenience, range and value that is known for.”

Wine labels among the initial offering include Penfolds and Pepperjack from the Treasury Wine Estate stable, Bay of Fires and St Hallett. The offerings are mainly mainstream.

Matt Furlong, Amazon Australia country manager, said: “We’re excited to bring customers our new wine, beer and spirits store, featuring a range of much loved local and international brands.

"Customers will be able to experience the convenience of ordering their favourite wine, beer or spirits alongside all the other products available on from household essentials, fashion and beauty, through to video games and books.”


  1. The prices are OK, but not mind blowing.

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