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Saturday 27 June 2020

Meet a winemaker facing a serious challenge

Winemaker Marty Edwards is facing a serious challenge fighting against Parkinson's Disease but that has not stopped him from launching a new label: Silver Lining.

Marty Edwards Photo: Duy Huynh
Edwards' family created Adelaide Hills benchmark The Lane and the former Navy clearance diver has committed to donating proceeds from his new label to Parkinson’s Research.

He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 2012 when his daughter was just three months old. Given his wine and diving needs, a disorder that affected his movement was unthinkable.

“Each pursuit shares the same core philosophy: a commitment to being proactive and maintaining a focus on your goal, irrespective of any obstacles that present themselves,” Edwards says. 

“By focusing on what I know best and what I need to retain my health, creating a brand from pristine fruit sourced from elite parcels in the Adelaide Hills and donating proceeds to Parkinson’s Research is not only achieving a personal goal, it’s helping others who are on this journey.”

The new-to-market brand will consist of three varietals all from the 2020 vintage; a sauvignon blanc sourced from Hahndorf, chardonnay from a single vineyard in Macclesfield and a shiraz from Echunga and Macclesfield.

The whites will be released on July 1 and the shiraz in 2021. 

"These wines reflect the unique set of environmental influences experienced each season – a sense of place," Edwards says. The sauvignon blanc is $25 and the chardonnay $30. 

Silver Lining Wines are available via the website at, which will launch on Monday. 

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