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Monday 8 June 2020

Fermenting fantastic ideas in Tasmania

Fermentation: a transformative process in which microorganisms (bacteria, yeast and fungi) turn sugars into food acids, carbon dioxide and alcohol. Fermentation can occur naturally or by using a starting culture; it preserves food, enhances flavours and has health benefits.

Tasmania may soon have a fermentation innovation hub at Legana, just north of Launceston and the gateway to the Tamar Valley wine region. 

Rolph Vos, general manager of the West Tamar Council, and Kim Seagram AM, chair of FermenTasmania, have signed a memorandum of understanding for the construction of a  hub.

The agreement not only provides a home for FermenTasmania but it also formalises a relationship to help the West Tamar Council make value-added food manufacturing, agriculture and agritourism a focus of the region.

"We are so excited to have the support of West Tamar as a founding partner on our journey," says Seagram. "We have already seen the creative sparks that occur when we connect our sourdough bakers with our sparkling winemakers, and we want all fermenters, amateur and professional, to have a chance to grow these connections.

"Working with partners like the West Tamar Council will let us create a physical space for this to occur, building on the work currently delivered through our Food Innovation Australia Cluster Program funding. Through the craft of fermentation, we can transform our food, our people, and Tasmania."

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The fermentation hub will provide a space for industry and startups to develop all fermented products from laboratory scale to small, commercial runs. The space is designed for cutting edge, industry-led research projects and will be a venue for universities and education providers to equip students with the knowledge, hands-on skills, and industry connections to have successful careers in our future food systems. The hub will be a place for food lovers to experience fermentation, meet Tasmanian makers and industry experts, and buy a taste of Tasmania to take home.

FermenTasmania is currently seeking additional funding to build the Fermentation Hub and industry partners who are interested in the facility.

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