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Friday 9 February 2024

Wine writer wants to "re-imagine" online purchasing


One of Australia's most experienced wine writers wants to help you make the best of your next purchase.

Jeremy Oliver, author of 30 books, says it is time for a re-imagination of online wine retail.

The critic has launched his new online platform, Oliver’s Wines, which includes a website and an App (iOS and Android) which he says will "transform the way wine enthusiasts discover and buy".

‘We’re using world-leading tech to try to give our users an old-fashioned wine experience in which each customer and their own preferences are recognised’, says Oliver.

"Developed locally in Melbourne, the world’s leading wine recommendation engine is able to treat every single user as an audience of one and suggest wines for them based on their very own favourites.

"Customers can create and manage their own lists of favourite wines, buy the wines our system recommends and then give feedback to help the system do its job even better.

‘I’m excited to be going back to my old day job as an independent critic. I’ll be rating and commenting on all the major wines in Australia, regardless of whether or not they’re for sale on this platform. My opinion is not for sale, just as it never has been."

It is said that Oliver’s Wines will feature a comprehensive database of ratings, tasting notes, articles and videos that he has assembled over four decades as one of Australia’s most respected writers.

There’s no subscription charge for users to access the resource, which Oliver updates regularly.

"We’re providing wine enthusiasts with a place to learn, research, engage with and buy from," he says.

"We’re not at all interesting in discounting wines; we just want to ensure that people enjoy the wines they are buying online.

"Once they start to trust the IT, we’ll take them on a journey that will introduce them to an entire spectrum of wine they might never have heard of. That’s the exciting thing about the system we’ve developed."

When I entered Chablis into the search engine I got the response: "No products were found matching your selection". 

So some refinement is still needed.   

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