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Monday 26 February 2024

The next big thing? Irish whiskey in a can?


Forget whiskey in a jar - the latest release in the drinks industry is whiskey in a can - perfect for St Patrick's Day celebrations.

Irish distillery Two Stacks launched what it says is the world’s first whiskey in a can: Dram in a Can, a couple of years ago. It is now about to be released in Australia.

The folk from Two Stacks say "sustainability, affordability and quality" are the key features of the new drop. It is a blend of grain, malt and pot still whiskeys.

The 100ml can is a sustainable packaging design that weighs just 22 grams - over eight times lighter than conventional miniature 5cl glass bottles.

In 2022, Two Stacks opened one of Ireland's only independent bonding and blending facilities in County Down, Northern Ireland, which hosts a purpose-built 100% solar-powered production warehouse.

"We are committed to establishing fresh benchmarks of excellence in Irish whiskey while promoting sustainability and accessibility in every facet of our endeavours," says co-founder Shane McCarthy.

"Our distinctive method of collaboration with premier distilleries across Ireland empowers us to craft and present unprecedented expressions of whiskey while also meeting our goal of cutting our carbon footprint and innovating sustainable practices within the industry.

"Our Dram in a Can has set a benchmark in sustainable packaging, offering Australians an affordable Irish Whiskey drinking experience while also offsetting our carbon emissions. We're thrilled that Australians can experience our products in an environmentally friendly way."

Two Stacks Dram in a Can is available at Dan Murphy’s for $45.99 for a four pack.

 A very decent whisky that shows no signs at all it has been in a can rather than a bottle. Nifty and fun. 

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