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Thursday 1 February 2024

How the drinks business is getting Nasty

At a time when the liquor industry is under fire from a variety of lobby groups, moderation is a seriously important message.

Not, however, if you are the Monster Energy Group, which revels in slogans like “Brewed hard to…party harder” and “Are you ready to get Nasty?"

Red Bull rival Monster Energy this week revealed plans for a new alcoholic drinks brand, entering the hard iced tea category with a brand named Nasty Beast.

Not exactly subtle, guys. But I guess subtle guys are not their target market.

The energy drinks company’s other alcohol line is a carbonated “malt alcohol” variant named The Beast Unleashed, which launched last year.

Speaking to investors this week, Monster Energy co-CEO Rodney Sacks revealed that its new 6% ABV hard tea drinks line Nasty Beast will be available in cans in Original, Tea and Lemonade, and Peach and Green Tea flavours, influential website The Drinks Business reported.

I can already see anti-alcohol groups rubbing their hands in glee. 

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