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Sunday 11 February 2024

Are you prepared to be weighed before you fly?

Line-up for check-in. Line-up to check your baggage. Line-up for a security check. Line-up for immigration checks. And now line-up to be weighed.

Finnair now wants yet another line to slow things down at the airport - and is conducting weigh-ins for passengers at their departure gate.

The airline is initially calling for volunteers to consent to be weighed along with their baggage at Helsinki Airport.

It wants to get a more accurate estimate of how much a jet will weight at take-off. 

Passengers are being weighed with their hand baggage.

For those who are on the chunkier side of the spectrum, the airline says individual weights recorded are anonymous and not linked to specific passengers or ticket reservations.

“The collected data is not linked in any way to the customer’s personal data,” said Satu Munnukka, Finnair’s head of ground operations.

“We record the total weight and background information of the customer and their carry-on baggage, but we do not ask for the name or booking number, for example.

“Only the customer service agent working at the measuring point can see the total weight, so you can participate in the study with peace of mind.”

Finnair says it is collecting the data ‘for the purpose of aircraft balance and performance calculations that are needed for the safe operation of flights.’

One has to wonder who they coped before.

In the first three days of the trial, around 800 volunteers had taken part, Travel Mole reported.

The airline states it was "positively surprised by the number of volunteers" but you have to wonder what will happen in the future if passengers don't want to be weighed. 

Each flight has a maximum weight for safe take-off - but that has always been the case. What has changed?


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