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Thursday 15 February 2024

Struggling airline to trim staff by 15%

You know how people book flights on ailing airlines and are then incensed when those companies go out of business? 

Here is the latest news on Indian air carrier SpiceJet. Purely for your information.

Aviation Week reports that SpiceJet is planning a significant workforce cut as the struggling carrier attempts to improve its financial health.

The airline aims to save about US $12 million annually in salary costs by trimming around 15% of its current workforce of 9,000.

The airline has struggled financially for a long time and has been using cost-cutting strategies after getting some much needed funding.

“As part of our turnaround, following the recent fund infusion, SpiceJet has initiated several measures, including manpower rationalisation,” a SpiceJet spokesperson said.

Some staffers have reportedly already started receiving termination notices.

SpiceJet has delayed salaries to workers for several months due to its financial problems but is still hoping to raise more funds.

The carrier is the fourth-largest airline in India and serves 73 destinations, including 60 Indian and 13 international, from its bases at Delhi and Hyderabad.

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