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Monday 12 February 2024

Insights into Islam now a festival attraction

Have you visited a Mosque? Or wondered about what Islam is all about?

As part of the Adelaide Fringe 2024, Adelaide’s largest mosque, Mahmood Mosque (above), will be opening its doors to the community on Saturday, February 17, to help dispel myths on Islam.

The day will feature guided Mosque tours including a demonstration of the Islamic call to prayer (Adhan) and the Islamic prayer. In addition, there will be over 20 stalls ranging from food and drinks to arts and crafts.

Highlights will include the chance to talk to an Imam and ask questions, a Holy Quran exhibition, and henna painting.

"Many Australians have reservations regarding Islam and its teachings due to how Islam is portrayed in the media," says Imam Kamran Tahir.

"Most Australians, however, have not stepped foot in a mosque, nor have they spoken to a Muslim Imam or read the Quran.

"By opening our doors to the public, we seek to bridge gaps, dispel misconceptions, and build lasting connections that promote harmony and unity in Adelaide.”

Adelaide Fringe is the largest arts festival in Australia and runs from February 16-March 17.  

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