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Tuesday 3 October 2023

Marketing: telling it like it isn't

Can we just stop with the marketing nonsense?

I know businesses have to promote themselves in these testing times, but can you please not all say the same thing.

I reckon around 80% of the marketing emails I get from restaurants and their PRs say something along the lines of "the chef is passionate about championing local and seasonal produce".

Then you take a look at the menu and see seafood from thousands of miles away, vegetables that are out of season etc.

And eat at many of these establishments and you might detect pre-prepared ingredients from many miles away - even other countries. 

And often the wine lists in such "local champions" will feature dozens of wines from France, Italy or New Zealand

Winemakers also get in on the act.

Here's a popular one: "Our wines are 100% Vegan friendly".

Well let me tell you something, No wine can be 100% Vegan friendly, no matter how hard the wine producer tries.

There is the little matter of MOG (matter other than grapes). It is the wine industry's dirty little secret.

When grapes come into a winery they come along with a whole lot of protein. Think caterpillars, rats, snakes, spiders, mice, insects and other bugs, even bird's nests.

All of which live happily in and among the vines and go into the crusher/de-stemmer along with leaves, dirt and other undesirables. 

Some will get through the process no matter how rigorous the table sorting. A small percentage will survive filtering - leaving just a little meat in your Vegan wine.

There are dozens of other examples, so could we all please try to just be a little more realistic with our bold claims?

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