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Tuesday 24 October 2023

"Forgetful" US politician arrested after flying with a gun in his briefcase

They really are as dumb as they seem.

Americans love their guns. And they like to take them everywhere.

Even into foreign countries where they are illegal - and onto planes.

After all, that is their God-given right as Americans.

The latest idiot to expose themselves to ridicule is Washington state senator Jeff Wilson, a Republican (of course).

He was was arrested at Hong Kong International Airport (above) on charges of possessing a locally unregistered firearm, Travel Mole reported.

Wilson said he discovered the weapon on his flight from San Francisco to Hong Kong when he reached into his briefcase for a piece of chewing gum (how very American), his office said in a statement.

An easy mistake to make. Who doesn't have a gun in their briefcase?

Baggage screeners in Portland, Oregon, apparently failed to notice the unloaded pistol in his briefcase when he went through security - how reassuring.

Wilson said that when he landed at Hong Kong International Airport, he told customs officials there about the gun. Other reports said the gun was discovered during a search.

“It was an honest mistake,” Wilson said in his statement.

He said the pistol was properly registered in Washington, although unregistered in Hong Kong.

Wilson said he had started a five-week vacation (do most Americans get five weeks of annual leave?) with his wife, his office said. He hoped to resume his planned travel to Thailand, Cambodia and Malaysia once the matter was resolved.

Under Hong Kong’s laws, carrying firearms without a license is punishable by up to 14 years in jail and a fine.

Wilson was initially detained and has been bailed to face a hearing October 30.

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