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Saturday 14 October 2023

"Greedy" Disney under fire as it hoists ticket prices

How much would you expect to pay for a ticket at Disneyland in California?

If you pick the wrong day to visit Anaheim then you could now pay up to $194 (that's around $308 in Australian dollars).

Walt Disney Co this week announced it was raising some theme-park ticket prices for Disneyland by up to 8.9%, with the price per ticket on busy days such as holidays increasing to $194.

There is, however, some good news: there was no price increase for a single-day, one-park ticket on what Disneyland calls its Tier 0 days (which are days with traditionally lowest attendances).

That price remains at $104 - which is still $165 in Australian pesos, making the minimum cost for a family of four well over $600.

Not surprisingly, the price increases - 12 months after a previous price hike - provoked criticism of the Happiest Place of the Earth being dubbed The Greediest Place on Earth.

Robert Niles, editor and founder of website Theme Park Insider, told the Washington Post that some park-goers may be incensed.

“Some Disneyland fans and visitors will decide this latest increase is the last straw for them, and frankly, I think that Disney is planning on that,” he said.

“The parks are filled in California, and Disney needs some way to thin the crowd without leaving fans frustrated with an inability to book scarce reservation slots.”

How hospitable of them. 

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