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Sunday 1 October 2023

Taylors rolls out a new look and confirms environmental commitment

There is a colourful new look for Taylors' entry-level Promised Land wine range - along with a new commitment to marine conservation. 

The family-owned and -operated Clare Valley-based wine producer has a long-term commitment to saving seahorses, which feature on the Promised Land labels. 

The new design ushers in Taylors' new ‘Promise to the Seas’ campaign, which supports global marine conservation organisation Project Seahorse. 

Founded in 1996, Project Seahorse is an organisation committed to the conservation and sustainable use of coastal marine ecosystems and the survival of seahorses. 

Led by award-winning marine biologist Amanda Vincent and co-founder Heather Koldewey, Project Seahorse has made significant progress in marine conservation worldwide. 

“Since the beginning, the seahorse has symbolised our three generations of family winemaking at Taylors Wines," says winemaker and managing director Mitchell Taylor.

"Today, it represents our dedication to running our winery sustainably and for many generations to come. That includes supporting efforts beyond our vineyards through partnerships with the likes of Project Seahorse. 

"I’m proud to unveil this new look for our Promised Land collection and our bigger ‘Promise to the Seas’ campaign. 

"We look forward to bringing more awareness and support to the incredible work of Project Seahorse.” 

In addition to the new label design, Taylors has added two new varieties to the range: 2022 Promised Land Sauvignon Blanc and 2022 Promised Land Rosé. 

The new labels and wines are being rolled out nationally with an RRP of $16. 

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