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Monday 2 October 2023

Unlikely playmates: Sophie Monk and [yellow tail] wines

Talk about unlikely bedfellows.

How about Sophie Monk and [yellow tail] wines?

For those playing outside Australia, Sophie is a brash blonde former pop singer and TV personality.

And for those who have been living under a rock, [yellow tail] is Australia's best-selling wine brand around the world. A little sweet and hugely popular.

[yellow tail] has just launched a new campaign to show Australians that "there is great tasting wine for everyone, and you don’t need to compromise on quality to find your perfect [wine] match".

Coming on board as the brand’s first Australian ambassador, Monk will star in [yellow tail]’s new campaign ‘Easy to Love’, which will centre around an imaginary matchmaking game show.

The show features Monk as both the host and the five contestants, each representing a different [yellow tail] wine varietal, as Sophie looks to find her perfect [wine] match.

OK. I'm obviously not the target audience.

“What I admire most about [yellow tail] is that like me, it's a brand that doesn’t take itself too seriously," says the TV star.

"Wine has always been about sharing a few laughs with friends or marking special moments with family – it doesn’t need to be stuffy and complicated…just really delicious.”

"When it comes top the ideal wine companion, you need to explore what you like and don’t like. Some wines are better suited to certain personalities or preferences, while others are best enjoyed on certain occasions. My advice is to not overthink it, discover the world of wine and what match works for you and your tastebuds.”

So there you have it. Wine advice from Love Island. Love it or leave it.

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