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Monday 27 December 2021

Goodbye Christmas; hello Easter: commercialism gone mad


It is probably not the season to be churlish. Many of us are still celebrating Christmas with family and friends. 

Yet odious marketers from the big supermarkets are already spruiking their wares for Easter. On December 27. 

A pox on them, I say. 

First off the blocks in blocks in the race to be the most crassly commercial were Coles, with a press release sent to media at 6.20am this morning about their Vegemite hot cross buns. 

Hot cross buns! 

When most of us still have Christmas and Christmas pudding left over.

But there is no hope of restraint from big business when there are big bucks to be made. 

Here is the Coles' bumpf from this morning. Make up your own minds about their greedy opportunism. 

"Coles’ award-winning hot cross buns are getting a mitey makeover this year with Coles launching a brand-new flavour combination in partnership with Bega Cheese Limited – the Vegemite Hot Cross Bun.

"Available in more than 700 Coles supermarkets nationwide from December 27 (that's today), the limited-edition combination of sweet and savoury is the latest in a series of flavour mash-ups from Coles, which has previously wowed customers with buns in Lamington, Raspberry and White Chocolate and Sticky Date and Butterscotch flavours.

"Best toasted and slathered with butter or grilled toasted sandwich style with lots of melty cheese, the soft buns are infused with Vegemite and parmesan and finished with an indulgent tasty cheese topping."

And on and on it drones with the memorably awful line: "Vegemite is one of those things that makes Australia wonderful." 

As flavour combinations go, I've heard of worse ideas. But it is December 27.

Could you not, at least, have waited until the new year? 




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