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Sunday 26 December 2021

Cat and dog are off the menu

Vietnam is a beautiful country to visit but the site of dog carcasses for sale in local markets has come in for criticism from many tourists.

Now a popular Vietnamese tourist city has pledged to phase out selling cat and dog meat, local media has reported.

Hoi An's move would be a first in a country where some, most older people, consider the animals a delicacy.

An estimated five million canines are consumed every year in Vietnam - the second-highest tally in the world behind China - with some believing eating the meat can help dispel bad luck.

The authorities in Hoi An, an historic trading port and World Heritage site pictured above, have signed a deal with animal rights group Four Paws International promising to phase out sales and consumption of cat and dog meat.

"We want to help promote animal welfare through rabies eradication, phasing out the dog and cat meat trade, and making the city a premier destination for tourism," said city vice-mayor Nguyen The Hung.

Julie Sanders from Four Paws International said it was a watershed moment that might set an example for other destinations in Vietnam.

A national poll commissioned by the animal rights group this year found only an estimated 6.3% per cent of 600 Vietnamese surveyed consume cats and dogs with 88% supporting a ban.

In 2018, Hanoi city officials encouraged people to stop eating dog meat as it was damaging the capital's reputation and there were health concerns it could lead to deadly rabies infections.

# Before you get all racist remember a lot of people find it disgusting that in Australia we eat wallaby and kangaroo. 

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