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Thursday 30 December 2021

Deal of a lifetime? Wine every month for the rest of your life?

Would you pay US$6,000 up front to ensure you got the equivalent of four cases of wine delivered to your door each year for the rest of your life? 

I wouldn't, but a Californian wine company is offering members four bottles of wine per month for the entire duration of their lives, Drinks Business reports. 

It is an impressive way of getting an instant cash injection but would appear to be fraught with potential danger for wine lovers. 

What if the company goes belly up? What if it gets bought out? What if you die suddenly? 

And it is certainly a better deal for someone aged 21 than 65. Get your grandkids to sign up for you should you be seduced by the idea. 

California-based Obvious Wines has launched the ‘lifelong wine membership" deal for 2022. 

For US$6,000, members can order any four bottles of wine from the company’s website per month, every month, for the rest of their life.

Any wine currently listed on the Obvious Wines website is eligible for order and shipping and taxes within the US are covered. Limited-edition wines are also eligible.

Calling it “an excellent deal when considering rising inflation rates”, Jake Ralph from Obvious Wines says members will see a “return on their investment in just seven years”. If they live that long. 

“We’ve done the math and is is a really bad deal for us, but hey, you only live once,” says a statement on the company's website.

Obvious Wines describes itself as an eco-friendly, vegan wine collection that collaborates with family-owned, boutique wineries dedicated to sustainable practices ranging from solar-powered energy to organic farming.

Its wines include Bright & Crisp, a sauvignon blanc from the Loire Valley; Rich & Oaky, a Californian chardonnay; and Dark & Bold, a red blend made of cabernet sauvignon, merlot, tannat and malbec.

I can see the appeal but would not be tempted even if I lived in the US. Which I wouldn't. Make your own decision. But I’m sure someone in Australia will come up with a similar scheme.


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