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Wednesday 29 December 2021

Is Thai food also the world's tastiest medicine?

Many Thai dishes combine deliciousness with healthy ingredients - making them perfectly in tune with the current fashion for wellness awareness.

Thailand's Department of Cultural Promotion is promoting Thai foods as being both medicinal and beneficial for one's health through the website Thai Taste Therapy – an online Thai cooking space showcasing 50 recipes and their health benefits.

The website also contains information on raw ingredients and Thai herbs.

Thai gastronomy takes centuries-old local wisdom to a new level in health, well-being and medicinal care, the department says.

"Thailand is honoured to share its knowledge of local dishes from throughout the Kingdom that not only appeal to the taste buds but have healing properties for a number of ailments."

Chai Nakhonchai, director general of the Department of Cultural Promotion, said the attractions of Thai food go beyond taste.

"While Thai food is an intangible cultural heritage praised worldwide for its diverse flavours, the wonder of Thai cuisine doesn't end with great taste," he says.

"Nearly every dish is bursting with vegetables, herbs and spices containing nutraceutical properties [food containing health-giving additives and having medicinal benefits] which in turn can aid the body to fight off diseases and help maintain a level of health and vitality.

"It's not an overstatement to refer to Thai cuisine as 'The World's Tastiest Medicine'."

Sample dishes from the website include immune system-boosting chicken soup with turmeric and five-spice jungle curry.

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