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Thursday 9 December 2021

When you are rich and famous can you behave like a fool?

It is often said that when you are rich and famous you can get away with just about anything. 

Meet the airline passenger from hell: professional golfer Thorbjorn Oleson. 

Getting drunk and disorderly on a flight; grabbing a woman passenger by the breast; urinating on a fellow passenger in first class? 

All totally cool, a jury in Britain found this week. 

Ryder Cup winner Olesen wept in court and said he wants to focus on his golf after he was cleared of all charges in London court. 

You see, none of the outrages were actually his fault. 

It wasn't his fault he had too much to drink; not his fault he took prescription-only sleeping pills bought on a “dodgy website”. 

Olesen was on the eight-hour flight from Nashville to London in 2019 when the incidents happened, a trial at Aldersgate House Nightingale Court in central London was told. 

He had drunk beer, red wine, vodka and Champagne before take-off, ran around the cabin “like a little boy”, got trapped in the toilet and became verbally abusive to cabin crew. 

Witnesses said he pushed a British Airways worker; kissed the male cabin service director's hand and nuzzled his face into a woman’s neck before grabbing her breast. 

Olesen then cried before falling asleep, but later got up and urinated on the seat of a fellow first-class passenger. 

But the court heard Olesen was acting as an "automaton" and not in control of his body. 

"His conduct was not voluntary, that is the essence of automatism," his barrister Trevor Burke QC told the jury. 

Olesen was acquitted on Wednesday of sexual assault, assault by beating and being drunk on an aircraft after the jury deliberated for less than an hour following a three-day trial.

All cool then. But if you are I behaved in the same way, would there be a similar verdict? You decide. 

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