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Wednesday 22 December 2021

A cheesy pizza complete nonsense

It's one of those rare ads that encourages you not to try a product. 

I don't think I've seen or heard so much nonsense about a food product as the hype surrounding the launch of Domino’s Cheese Toastie Crust Pizza in Australia. 

Check out the really annoying TV ad featuring an Australian version of Renee and Renato (you might well have forgotten them) warbling away insensibly about a fast food product. 

No, Domino's, I am not questioning why Australia’s greatest loves haven’t been brought together sooner.

And I seriously doubt a cheese toastie is a really an Australian "gourmet" favourite. 

I also question whether you use real Brie cheese (you do claim the foodstuff is un-brie-lievable). Far too expensive

In fact you admit "your favourite pizza is now finished with a generous sprinkle of Australian Cheddar Cheese right to the edge of the crust". 

Domino’s ANZ Chief Marketing Officer Adam Ballesty has said that: "Never before had everyone’s favourite childhood, indulgent snack been combined with pizza, but it’s a match made in (cheese) heaven. 

“I’m sure everyone can attest to fond memories of enjoying a cheese toastie, and in fact, it’s something many of us still love, and very much miss, to this day.

“With Domino’s Cheese Toastie Crust, we wanted to offer everyone the comfort of a cheese toastie but elevate the experience by transforming it into a pizza crust."

The awful dirge is apparently a song called Cheese Toastie Love.

It is sung by David Novak of Sydney band Polish Club and Natalie Conway. 

"A song dedicated to the joining of the world’s greatest loves; pizza and cheese toastie." 

You'd feel sorry for them if it wasn't so awful. 

But wait. It gets worse. "Domino’s is helping to share the love by giving one lucky couple the chance to win their wedding catered by Domino’s!"

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