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Tuesday 21 December 2021

Meet the drinks that are a work of art

Can a drink also be a work of art? The team behind Bombay Sapphire believe so - and are out to prove it. 

"Sippable cocktail art" may be coming to a bar near you thanks to a partnership between the premium gin distillers and visual artist Ellen Porteus. 

As part of the Stir Creativity campaign, Porteus will use cocktails as a canvas and create bespoke cocktail garnishes, inspired by Bombay Sapphire, Bombay Bramble and Bombay Sunset (a brand I have yet to try, hint). 

Bombay Sapphire will also be donating $1 per cocktail sold over the summer to two charities within the hospitality and arts industries: TipJar and the Arts Project Australia. 

“This has been such a fun project to work on!" says Porteous. 

"Out of all the canvases I’ve used in the past, I’ve got to say a cocktail is one of the most imaginative."

Bacardi-Martini Australia brand ambassador (great gig that) Georgie Mann said: “Creating cocktails is an art within itself, so collaborating with visual artist, Ellen Porteus on these bespoke cocktail garnishes connects to Bombay Sapphire’s core, as there is finesse and craftsmanship in everything we do.”

The three bespoke cocktail garnishes will be available at over 50 venues nationally with the Bombay Sour, Bramble Sour and Sunset Sour



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