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Wednesday 29 December 2021

Discover one of Tasmania's most delightful destinations

There can be no argument that the small waterfront town of Stanley is one of the most picturesque in Tasmania. 

There is also no debate about the fact that the beautifully restored Ship Inn guest house is a delightfully atmospheric place to stay for a few days.
Thank delightful quiet village, shipping fleet, country pub with good grub, a range of places to eat, drink and picnic, and lovely landscapes.

The folk behind the Ship Inn have unveiled their local secrets, which I thought I'd share with you over the silly season. 

  1. Fish ‘n chips

Fish n chips options abound in this small village, with local fresh-caught produce featuring strongly. Grab your fish n chips and head over to the port to dangle your legs over the jetty as you tempt the seagulls. Lobster 'n chips is also a possibility.


  1. Gorgeous beaches

Flanked by two stunning beaches you’ll be spoilt for choice for a quick dip or a gentle stroll. Pick up the pace on the Ship Inn bicycles, perfect for riding out on the hard-packed sand and exploring the quaint village.


  1. The Nut

Enjoy a steep climb up the volcanic plug called the Nut and explore the 2km track n top, where wildlife abounds and you have stunning views across the landscape and Bass Strait. Don’t worry, there’s a chair lift as well if you’re simply not needing the burn.


  1. Little penguins

Evening time sees little penguins come into shore to roost for the night. Get up close and personal on the penguin viewing platform and watch them waddle in.


  1. History

Soak up some history Tassie style, from deluxe accommodation at the Ship Inn, which started life as an 1800s sailors tavern, to the historic village and incredible stories and clash of cultures at nearby Highfield Historic Site, the outpost of the Van Diemen’s Land Co.

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