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Monday 6 December 2021

The wine times they are a changing

St Hallett has always been a winery with a reputation for big, but stylish, Barossa red wines. Wines with bold personality. 

Back of the days of legendary long lunches with Bob McLean, there has always been a certain swagger to St Hallett reds. 

Think Bruce Willis rather than Graham Norton

That's still the case with wines like the newly released 2017 St Hallett Old Block Shiraz ($150) - an icon wine that can be enjoyed now or in two decades' time. 

But times change, tastes evolve and now there is a growing market for easy drinking young red wines with minimal oak, designed for being enjoyed chilled n a summer day. 

I'd go for a Beaujolais myself if looking for this style, or an Australian gamay. 

St Hallett's offering in this category is the new 2021 Blockhead Shiraz Nouveau ($26, cheaper on special). 

"It’s delicious, it’s fun and It’s definitely one wine that will be so much fun to experiment with," says the St Hallett website. "Our suggestion is to simply serve in a stemless wine glass over a couple of ice cubes, chill down and serve around 12 degrees, or change it up in your favourite sangria recipe." 

OK. I generally try to be positive, but I found this wine limp, insipid and devoid of appeal. 

Winemaker Helen MCarthy says: “While a lighter style shiraz, it’s still unmistakably Barossa in its generosity of flavour."

If you are a St Hallett lover be sure to try before you buy. 

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