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Monday 4 July 2022

Now cask wine is going organic

 So you like to drink organic wine but are on a tight budget? 

Quality cask wine producer Winesmiths will introduce a new collection of certified organic wines to its portfolio later this month in response to consumer demand for sustainable drinking options.

Certified by Australian Certified Organic, Winesmiths Organic collection has been audited from vineyard to pack, with criteria that promote environmental biodiversity and eliminate the use of chemicals from vine to bottle.

Winesmiths Senior Brand Manager Lisa Antoney says organic shoppers are keen on the choice of purchasing wine in a more environmentally-conscious pack in comparison to glass.

“Consumers want their beverage choice to meet their ‘better for me, better for the environment’ needs," says Antoney.

"Not only is the cask pack a more sustainable option than glass, our organic certification guarantees chemicals will not spoil the healthy pH balance of our soil, harm beneficial insects and flora, or pollute our groundwater and local waterways.” So there! 

Winesmiths is a member of Sustainable Winegrowing Australia, which acts to lessen the environmental impact of the Australian wine industry.

“At Winesmiths, we've always thought beyond today's glass of wine," says Antoney.

"We leave out animal products, making our wines vegan-friendly. After opening, the flavour is kept fresher for longer, so you don’t need to waste a drop."

"Our packaging has just 13% the carbon footprint of bottled wine. Our packs are made from minimum 75% recycled materials and we are actively undergoing pack research and trials to find a compostable bag solution."

Winesmiths Organic Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio and Cabernet Sauvignon 2-litre casks have an RRP of $24. 

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