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Friday 8 July 2022

Positive signs for 2022 Tasmanian wines

The 2022 Tasmanian wine grape vintage was a decidedly mixed one with a wide range of weather conditions experienced around the island state.

Overall, the vintage delivered "excellent quality" across wine varieties and styles, with just over 900,000 dozen bottles produced (12,548 tonnes).

It also delivered another record for the value of Tasmanian wine grapes, up to a remarkable $3,237 per tonne compared with the national average of $630/tonne.

Wine Tasmania CEO Sheralee Davies said the 2022 vintage reflected the diversity of the island's microclimates, with contrasting seasonal conditions and resultant vineyard yields across various wine growing areas.

"Some wine growing areas experienced cooler than average temperatures and unseasonal rainfall, while others experienced warmer than average temperatures and limited rain," Davies said.

"We often discuss the significant variability impacting Tasmania's wine growing areas - no two seasons are the same and no two vineyards are the same - 2022 has clearly demonstrated this fact."

More low-pressure systems on the east coast resulted in cooler-than-average conditions across wine growing areas in the south east and along the east coast of Tasmania. The cooler year lengthened the growing season and delayed the start of harvest, but also produced depth of flavour and structure in wines.

During the season, the Tasmanian wine sector raised concerns about fires and smoke potentially impacting vineyards and wine grapes.

"While the Tasmanian wine sector is believed to have escaped any smoke damage in 2022, there were some fires which caused concerns, and we will be building on positive discussions during the season to request continuing improvements to fire policies and procedures in the future," Davies said.

"With strong and growing global demand for our wines, Tasmanian wine producers had hoped for both high quality and high yields in 2022, however, we'll happily accept the former if we have to choose just one."

The full 2022 Tasmanian wine grape vintage report and video interviews with wine producers can be accessed at

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