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Friday 1 July 2022

Just pop into your friendly neighbourhood pot shop

In Kingston, Ontario (and much of the rest of Canada), you just choose your cannabis shop from many on offer and walk in the door.

No ID. No hassles.

There are dozens of stores to choose from and you don't need a prescription or a note from your doctor to buy a few joints, a pack of gummies or some gear you can add to your tea or brownies.

No lurking around on street corners - just a helpful store assistant with advice.

In Canada, federal cannabis licence holders are allowed to grow cannabis for sale.

This ensures that all legal cannabis products meet strict product safety and quality control requirements, the Government says.

Legal cannabis products are only sold through retailers authorised by provincial and territorial governments, with one exception: individuals who are authorised by a health care professional can register to buy cannabis products for medical purposes directly from a federally licensed seller.

Every package of a legal cannabis product has the standardised cannabis symbol, mandatory health warning messages, plain packaging and labelling that is child-resistant and an excise stamp, which is different for each province and territory.

Adults are allowed to purchase legal cannabis products, seeds and plants from authorised retailers.

In most provinces across Canada, the legal age to purchase and consume marijuana is 19. In Alberta the legal age is 18 and in Quebec it is 21.

In Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta, the law states that people can smoke cannabis where they can smoke cigarettes. So a street corner spliff is fine.

I shopped at Spiritleaf on Princess Street in Kingston, described as a "Cannabis Dispensary".

In addition to in-store shopping they offer curbside pickup and home delivery. And it is open until 11pm. They have a huge array of products.

Kingston is known for its markets and its striking 19th-century limestone architecture.

It serves as a great base for exploring the Thousand Islands and the St Lawrence River and its national park: and has plenty of pot shops.


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