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Wednesday 13 July 2022

Guess who fell into Mount Vesuvius?

They are all over Italy right now.

Talking loudly; making absurd proclamations and just being American.

Yesterday we heard a Holland America cruise passenger complain about being pickpocketed in Venice.

And today there was a young woman looking at a range of tourist trap restaurants in Verona and saying loudly: "I'm sure they are all good." Unlikely. Very unlikely.

And the dude trying to spend US dollars in a local shop. Because everyone takes US dollars, right?  

But this week's American Idiot award goes to the tourist who had to be rescued after falling into the crater of Mount Vesuvius.

He was trying to retrieve his phone which fell into the crater while he was taking selfies at the summit, Travel Mole reported.

The man fell into the mouth of the volcano and had to be rescued by local guides who abseiled into the crater. He suffered minor injuries.

Local media said the tourist and three others had reached the summit by taking a route that is officially closed to the public and could face charges.

But, of course, rules do not apply to the freedom-lovers.

Vesuvius is the only volcano on the European mainland to have erupted in the past 110 years: in 1913.

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