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Friday 29 July 2022

To recline or not to recline when flying?

Some airline passengers lack even the most basic regard for their fellow passengers.

You know the type. The seatbelt sign is switched off and they slam their seats into full recline mode within seconds.

They have to be told multiple times to bring their seats back up straight during meal service. And then slam it back again, sometimes sending drinks flying.

Surprisingly, a recent survey has found that 54.2% of Australian travellers claim that they wouldn’t recline their own seat, while 41.1% have a problem with the seat in front of them being reclined.

A sizeable 29.2% of travellers say they have no problem reclining their seats - and the real number is probably a lot higher.

Compare the Market surveyed Australians to find out what they think the general rules and considerations are when flying.

Among the key findings: 

# 13.36% of Australian flyers would hold going to the bathroom when flying, while another 29.96% would try to squeeze past other passengers without asking them to stand and be let out.

# In Australia, 18-24-year-olds are the least likely to declare that middle passengers should have both armrests.

# 67.7% of flyers say passengers in the middle seat should get one armrest.

For the full survey results visit:

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