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Monday 18 July 2022

Catch the train - for free

One of the great pleasures of a recent trip to Europe was the quality of the trains services.

I caught several trains in Italy - across both commuter and long-distance routes - and the trains were on time, clean and efficient. And cheap.

At peak times they were close to being over-subscribed, but the quality of the service puts Australian trains to shame.

Australians, of course, always prefer to drive. Sad.

Spain - another country with an efficient train service - has announced it will soon make some short- and medium-length train journeys completely free.

The move comes into effect on September 1, allowing free rides on certain routes run by state-owned operator Renfe.

The free rides will be on regional lines for journeys of fewer than 300km, and on commuter lines.

Spanish PM Pedro Sánchez said it is a response to help alleviate the impact of the cost-of-living crisis, Travel Mole reported.

Spain has also reduced fares on other state-owned public transport by half.

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  1. HI Winsor - agree, the trains across are an excellent service, although must disagree on the term "free" - its simply the taxpayers are paying for the "free" trips. Also having a population of 300 million people the EU has the base to ensure rail services are well patronised (and petrol ot AUD$4 a litre certainly assists in a desire to use trains vs cars.