East Coast Wine Trail

East Coast Wine Trail
East Coast Wine Trail

Wednesday, 6 July 2022

A new entrant in the NOLO spirits category

Here we go again. Another story about an alcohol-free spirit.

I don't know why the people who are the market for these drinks don't just have a nice fruit juice. 

They, however, are indisputably popular. 

Today's news is that Australia’s only dedicated rye whiskey distillery, The Gospel, has stepped into the non-alcoholic category with the release of Australia’s first rye whiskey alternative - Responsible Rye.

Crafted by distiller Ellie Ash, Responsible Rye spent over 12 months in development. 

“There has been a ton of innovation in the non-alcoholic spirits space, but little in the Australian rye category,” The Gospel co-founder Andrew Fitzgerald said.

“As fanatics of all things rye, and with the help of our R&D Distiller Ellie, we set out to craft a drink that is inclusive for everyone to enjoy and without compromise. It took numerous trials and tests over the course of a year to perfect, and we are proud to say this drink stacks up in a cocktail or on its own.”

Responsible Rye is produced using 100% Australian rye, grown n the Murray Mallee region of South Australia. 

The drink utilises a base of de-alcoholised Straight Rye Whiskey with the flavour profile built up using a blend of botanical extracts. 

Responsible Rye apparently "displays an aroma of dried apricot, black tea, cola nut and candied pecan, with stewed stone fruits and an underlying smokiness and warmth on the palate".

Responsible Rye will be launched at an event at Australia’s first non-alcoholic bar, Brunswick Aces, in Melbourne, on Friday. 

See www.thegospelwhiskey.com for details of the new drink, which has an RRP of $46. 


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