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Monday 18 July 2022

A serious Oasis in Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the busiest, most bustling metropolises on the planet. 

It's a city that is alive 24 hours a day, full of noise and vitality: loud music, car horns, sirens and general hubbub are all part its charm. 

You can get a massage just about anywhere in the city. If you are on foot you will be assailed every 10 metres or so with the plaintive cry: "massaage".

If you are looking to spend 300 baht on a foot massage, or perhaps a neck-and-shoulder massage then you are in luck. Your chosen service provider may also offer a bottle of water, free wifi and even air-conditioning. 

Or maybe not.

If you are looking for a real oasis to escape the sights and sounds of the city for an hour or two, then I can heartily recommend Oasis Spa, which operate two facilities in Bangkok, as well as in Phuket, Chiang Mai and Pattaya. 

These are serious locations for anyone looking to chill out and have a serious massage experience; and there are free shuttles running to/from the nearest Skytrain station in Bangkok - ideal on a warm day. 

The kind people at the Tourism Authority of Thailand in Sydney treated me to a choice of one-hour treatments; hot oil massage, foot massage, traditional Thai massage or a facial. 

Given my unredeemable face, I opted for an aromatherapy hot oil massage after enjoying a delicious chilled lotus root drink and filling in my health survey. 

The massage lady hit all my tight spots: perfect with a flight to Australia coming up within 24 hours, and left me in a state somewhere just short of deep sleep.  And no, you are not getting a photo of me having a massage!

The surroundings are delightful; quiet, with gardens, running water and huge massage rooms with toilets and showers. No rush. Just bliss. Think relaxation platforms, lotus ponds and steam rooms. The range of treatment options is enormous.  

The experience ends with a cup of Thai tea in a relaxing, cool space.  

One of the locations is in hip Thonglor, the other just off Sukhumvit Soi 31. One-hour treatments at both start from around 1,200 baht (around $48). It is certainly worth spoiling yourself at least once during a Bangkok visit. 



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