East Coast Wine Trail

East Coast Wine Trail
East Coast Wine Trail

Saturday, 30 July 2022

The lowest of the low fake the need to use airport wheelchairs

Anyone who flies regularly is probably frustrated by the long lines at airports.

But some flyers are taking extreme measures to beat the queues - including faking medical conditions to demand wheelchairs and be taken to head of the line for boarding.

Heathrow Airport boss John Holland-Kay has called out the fakers, telling LBC some passengers are claiming they have trouble walking and need wheelchair assistance.

He says requests for wheelchair support have risen, Travel Mole reports.

“Why is that happening? Some of this is because people are using the wheelchair support to try to get fast-tracked through the airport,” he said.

“If you go on TikTok you’ll see that that is one of the travel hacks that people are recommending. Please don’t do that.”

Last month a video was posted on TikTok of a user faking an injured ankle.

Holland-Kaye urged people who "really need the service" to inform Heathrow well in advance.

The airport capped its daily passenger numbers at 100,000 to relieve pressure on staffing.

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