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Monday 25 July 2022

Alcohol-free, carbon neutral, achingly hip

There is no stopping the bizarrely popular low-alcohol and no-alcohol drinks movement. 

With consumption of non-alcoholic and low-alcohol drinks projected to increase 31% by 2024, more and more projects are hitting the market. 

The trouble is that many of these products just don't taste right. My motto is moderation, rather than deprivation. 
I'd rather limit myself to one beer or glass of wine than spend an evening drinking something that tastes a little bit like wine or beer. 

Canberra-based independent craft brewery Capital Brewing Co. is the latest on the already overflowing bandwagon, introducing its first "full flavoured non-alcoholic beer".  

ALC-LESS is being billed as the only carbon neutral non-alcoholic beer in Australia.

ALC-LESS is a tropical Pacific Ale that does taste quite like a real beer - and paired well with some salty pork crackling. 

“As more and more of our customers’ lifestyles are changing to become more focused on health and wellbeing, they can’t afford to be hungover but still want to kick back at the end of the day with a good tastingbrew," says co-founder Tom Hertel. 

"We’re excited to be adding an alcohol-free option to our range at a time when we, as founders, are also becoming more health aware and find ourselves leaning ever more to the low/non alcoholic options."

Fellow founder Laurence Kain says: "We have been working on non-alcoholic beer for over two years. 

"As a team we are pretty proud of the end result." 

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