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Friday 6 May 2022

River cruising with a difference


We are cruising on the Wang Kiang Ku River. 

Just me, a few bits of bamboo tied together with string and a local bloke with a pole who I trust knows what he is doing. 

It is billed as a gentle rafting journey through the ‘Little Amazon’ of Khao Lak. 

But don’t expect an easy ride. There are some minor rapids to be encountered and you are certain to get your bum wet. 

This trip with Komol’s Corner Tours sees me as the only farang on the river. While there are plenty of Thai tourists we are just a tad off the beaten track. 

That means no one insists on life jackets, although you can have one if you insist, and the experience seems authentic. 

The views are pretty spectacular, ranging from wild jungle to riverside encampments, even some durian trees. 

My man with a pole points out a large black and yellow snake asleep in one of the trees overhanging the river. We avoid him by a metre or two. 

There are no cushions and no protection from the water: particularly when it starts to rain halfway through our voyage. 

No problem. 

We stop at a deep, calm stretch of the river so you can take a refreshing dip should you wish to do so. 

Onwards to some more mini rapids. So much fun, but you’ll need a back massage afterwards.

This river cruise with a difference is combined with a real (read seriously spicy) lunch at a local gourmet restaurant. Once again I am the only farang in sight. So much the better. 

The trip is one of several excursions put together by the new Avani + Hotel Khao Lak. This is a beachfront family-friendly resort that will be reviewed here shortly. See

For details of other tour options seek 


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