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Saturday 14 May 2022

Prepare to be ripped off at Melbourne Airport

Nowhere does rip-offs quite as well as Melbourne Airport. 

Take the area between the Jetstar check-in area and baggage collection at Terminal 4 (arguably one of the worst-designed terminals anywhere in the world).  

Thry have a captive audience here; people waiting for luggage and others waiting for time to elapse so they can check in.

The eatery in this area of the terminal is basically a convenience store with a few tables and chairs  It is a basic serve-yourself affair. 

Even given airport rents, however, it is hard to justify $9.90 for a semi-stale and almost totally tasteless curried egg sandwich.

Or $5.90 for a bottle of Gatorade you can buy at your local Woolies for $2.50 - and is coolish rather than cold. 

Or another $5.90 for a pack of  Red Rock Deli chips.

That is a tad under $23 for a very average snack.

You have to wonder who, if anyone, monitors prices at  Melbourne Airport. I’m sure they don’t care just as long as rents are paid. 

Go! Convenience boasts that it is “conveniently self-service”.

Here’s some free advice for anyone passing through. 

Either curb your appetite or bring your own food and drink. 

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