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Thursday 19 May 2022

Effervescent enlightenment? Meet a hop-infused mineral water

The drinks space is a fast-moving commercial zone with beverages on-trend and then out of fashion quicker than the blink of an eye. 

A newcomer onto the scene is non-alcoholic hop-infused mineral water.

Drinks brand Wilde, which specialises in "better for you" beverages, has just launched Wilde Guru, billed as an all-natural sparkling water that is infused with real beer hops, giving it the slight bitterness and hop aroma of a beer, but without what the Wilde folk describe as "bad stuff".

It c
ontains zero alcohol, sugar, calories or carbs. So that's a whole lot of hipster boxes getting a big tick.

To me it sounds like neither fish, nor fowl. But that's just me.

We all know the seltzer market in Australia has boomed in recent years, with non-alcoholic seltzers and hop waters gaining traction.

Roland Thiemann, head of innovation (a very hip job title) at Tribe Breweries (who create and distribute Wilde Guru in Australia) says: “What sets Wilde Guru hop water apart from other non-alcoholic beers or flavoured water, is that it is dry hopped with real hops in a similar process to how regular beer is made."

Wilde Guru has launched nationwide, packaged in cans with attention-seeking psychedelic patterns, colours and typography.

It is available in natural, and lemon and Lime flavours through Dan Murphy’s nationally for $11.99 a four-pack. See

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