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Tuesday 24 May 2022

Prankster punks puzzled passengers

It is an old stunt - but a good one.

Passengers flying into London’s Gatwick are being perplexed by a huge sign near the runway - clearly visible from the air - that says: “Welcome to Luton”. 

The large, white lettering seen in a field is a work by Youtuber Max Fosh, Travel Mole reports. 

Luton is another airport in the London region but it is about 100km away from Gatwick. On the other side of the city.

Reminds me of the in-flight announcement on my Jetstar flight from Melbourne last Friday. 

“Welcome to your flight to Sydney,” passengers were told. Which prompted guffaws as we were heading to Hobart. 

The Gatwick prank is not the first.

A ‘Welcome to Perth’ rooftop sign was once placed near Sydney Airport and a ‘Welcome to Cleveland’ sign was once familiar to those flying into Milwaukee.

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