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Wednesday 18 May 2022

New eatery poses some meaty questions

Vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, plant-based: it can be hard to keep up with the range of different lifestyle dining options. 

As more and more people cut out, or reduce, the amount of red meat in their diet, celebrated Turkish-born chef Somer Sivrioğlu has teamed with business partner Tarik Köni to launch a new plant-predominant dining venue: Maydanoz, in Sydney’s CBD 

Opened this week, it is the third venue from the Turkish-influenced Origins Dining Group, and its first plant-predominant offering. 

Maydanoz (parsley in Ottoman Turkish) is a 100-seat Aegean coast-inspired bar and restaurant paying homage to that region’s casual vegetable-driven meze bars. 

Maydanoz will showcase traditional dishes from the western region of Turkey, where plant-led dining is abundant, and meat is typically seen as a supporting act to vegetables. 

With most of the dishes prepared zeytinyagli style (cooked in olive oil), hero ingredients will include wild weeds; fresh herbs; ancient seeds, grains and legumes. 

Group executive chef Arman Uz has created the menu, with signature dishes including house-made dips, dolmas, sarmas and seasonal vegetables.

The menu is designed to be shared, with a variety of dishes served meze style in small plates to accompany the venue’s extensive Turkish (and Australian) beverage collection. 

“We are thrilled to debut a new dining concept for Sydney with the launch of Maydanoz, as one of the country’s first plant-predominant Turkish restaurants," says Sivrioğlu. 

@So often, people equate Turkish cuisine to kebab or lamb, but in fact the meat is often secondary to the incredible array of vegetable-driven dishes available in Turkish cuisine.

"We look forward to introducing Sydney to this side of Turkish cuisine, and to continue showcasing the incredible wines from the region as well."

One of the few meat items on the menu is apparently sheep’s head soup, which I somehow do not see as having widespread gourmet appeal.   

Located at Shop 1, 50 Carrington St, Sydney; Maydanoz will operate six  days per week for lunch and dinner from May 26 - closed Sundays. Right now it is dinner service only. 

The website is, but when I checked on Tuesday it contained zero info.

Images: Steven Woodburn

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