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Thursday 19 May 2022

Cruise ship being put to good use

Instead of carrying pampered passengers around the world, Holland America Line cruise ship Volendam is being put to an excellent alternative use.

The ship is on charter to the city of Rotterdam in Holland, being used to house Ukrainian refugees fleeing from Russian brutality.

The cruise liner was originally chartered until the end of June but has now been extended until mid-September.

Six cruises have been cancelled, including voyages to Scandinavia, the UK and the Mediterranean, Travel Mole reported.

Volendam has been accommodating about 1,000 Ukrainians in Rotterdam since April.

”We are sorry for the inconvenience this will cause to guests booked on Volendam through the summer,” said HAL CCO Beth Bodensteiner.

“We appreciate their continued understanding as we work on this important mission.”

Volendam is now scheduled to return to service departing Venice on September 24.

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