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Monday 3 January 2022

Chefs no longer need to cook to make a fortune

# Fish swim. Birds fly. Chefs cook. 

Sorry, that was the old world order. 

In today's world chefs write books and tour the world talking about the dishes you might have tasted were they actually cooking. 

Big-name chefs now pack out theatres talking about their food and answering questions from their adoring fans - who pay handsomely for the privilege. 

The latest celebrity pan handler to hit Australian shores will be Israeli chef Yotam Ottolenghi. 

You won't be able to taste his food, but he will be sharing "tips and tricks" on his speaking tour. 

The publicity blurb for the tour describes him as a "trailblazing chef, author, TV personality and restaurateur". 

His recent book Ottolenghi Flavour builds on his love for innovative vegetable-based recipes. 

So if you want to hear from him, he will hit Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, Brisbane, Hobart, Melbourne and the Gold Coast this month. 

You'll have "an opportunity to hear directly from the man himself about his influences and experiences".

He'll also be talking about his London restaurants Nopi and Rovi, how he approached home cooking during the Covid-19 pandemic and how you can "dial up" the flavour in your own kitchen.

You'll pay between $90 and $141, plus booking fee, to listen. That would be a pretty nice meal somewhere special.  

# Apologies to Mary Gauthier

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