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Saturday 1 January 2022

Discover wellness retreats in the wilderness

Pumphouse Point, one of Tasmania's tourism icons, has unveiled dates for summer wellness retreats in the wilderness. 

The retreats aim to "capture the restorative magic of long sunny days" with guided hikes, forest bathing, yoga, qi gong, wild lake swimming and massages, all within the Lake St Clair national park. 

"Like Pumphouse Point, our retreats are relaxed and communal.," the lodge says in a press release. 

"They are not a detox, and nothing is mandatory. A thoughtfully curated program offers transformative seminars to nourish the psyche, movement sessions to nourish the body, and a vibrant menu to nourish the belly."

Wellness retreat inclusions are daily meditation, breathwork, silent bush walks and movement sessions are designed to harmonise and rebalance the mind and body.

Breakfasts, lunches and dinners in the communal dining room celebrate local and seasonal produce while a 60-minute therapeutic massage treatment is included for all participants. 

Special guest Linda Franke, an expert in Restful Yoga and Therapy as well as being a somatic psychotherapist (no idea what that is, sorry), will lead workshops and presentations to enable guests to take away what they have learned, while the guided hikes through world heritage wilderness will take in remote peaks and hidden rainforest waterfalls.

E-bikes are also available for exploration. 

Dates for the summer retreats are: February 25-28, February 28-March 4. 

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