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Monday 10 January 2022

The tourism industry in Australia has reasons to be optimistic

The Australian travel industry has reason to be confident judging by the results of a new survey into consumer sentiments. 

Two years into the pandemic, Australia has high vaccination rates and most of its domestic borders are open. 

Savvy asked 1000 Australians if they would be travelling within their backyard and how they feel about planning their travel. 

It found 77% of respondents are likely to travel in 2022 if able, despite new Covid-19 variants. 

Half of respondents said they find it easy to locate Covid-19 travel information and Queensland and New South Wales are the top two destinations, attracting 46% of tourists between them, with 43% preferring to travelling by car and 34% choosing to fly. 

Visiting family and friends was the number one reason to travel, but many were keen to discover parts of their own country. 

The top choice of all respondents planning on going on holiday was a combination of regional and interstate travel (33%), followed by solely interstate travel (31%).

Hitting the road in a caravan or motorhome was most popular with respondents in the 45+ age group (the grey nomads), but also remains a choice for many younger age segments.

That 77% of respondents said they are likely to go travelling this year, suggests Australians are learning to live with the virus. Only 5% said it was extremely unlikely they would travel.

Some 12% of respondents cited that it will be just too difficult or expensive to travel overseas, so they will trade international holidays for vacations at home.

Full survey results

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