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Tuesday 18 January 2022

Bite-sized chocolate pleasure


Every day I receive countless emails telling me how "wonderful", "brilliant" or "delicious" a new product is. And they expect me to take their word as gospel

Products can range from biodynamic honey from happy bees to round-the-world cruises. 

Occasionally I take the bait and say: "OK, if they are so wonderful, show me."

I did once get invited on a Mediterranean cruise and I occasionally get to discover something delightful. 

As a chocolate lover - albeit one who is sometimes tempted to over-indulge - I asked the PR folk behind the new Cadbury Picnic Layers and Cadbury Cherry Ripe Layers to send me a taste test. 

And they did. 

Both products are just a couple of bites (34/35 grams) so are ideal when you need a chocolate hit without opening, and invariably eating, a whole bar, or finding a melted half bar later in the day. 

The flavours are familiar, but in a slightly different format - three layers encased in a domed chocolate shell. 

The Picnic Layers contain caramel, soft peanut flavoured cream and crunchy peanut pieces with milk chocolate, while Cherry Ripe Layers have flavoured jelly, coconut flavoured creme and coconut pieces in dark chocolate. Both are delightfully runny.

Paul Chatfield, vice president for marketing ANZ has corporate speak down pat, saying these are "a new range of decadent chocolate bars inspired by the classic flavours we all love, taken to another level of indulgence.” 

The Layers are now available at Australian supermarkets and independent retailers for $2. Not cheap then, but a delightful little treat if your day is not treating you well. I heartily approve.

# The writer received sample chocolates but if he hadn't liked them he would not have written about them  


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