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Wednesday 19 January 2022

Quiet tourism powerhouse builds up steam

You might not have heard of the brand, but Mulpha Australia is a fast-rising powerhouse in the Australian hospitality industry. 

The owner and operator of Bimbadgen Wines in the Hunter Valley is rapidly building up a formidable stable of hotels and eateries. 

The latest Mulpha acquisition is popular Italian restaurant Ioesco at Sanctuary Cove in Queensland.

Restauranteurs Max and Amanda Alfieri (above), who have operated Ioesco since 2008, will stay on as managers of the restaurant, with the support of the hospitality teams at Mulpha and Bimbadgen.

Mulpha's brands include Bimbadgen Estate and its award-winning restaurant Esca and Palmers Lane in the Hunter Valley, the recent purchase of Emma’s Cottage Vineyard with cafĂ© in the Hunter Valley, InterContinental Sanctuary Cove Resort and restaurant Fireplace, InterContinental Sydney and InterContinental Hayman Island.

Ioesco seats 120 patrons with plans underway to extend the deck.

Ioesco founder and manager Max Alfieri said: “We are pleased that we have secured the support of Mulpha to ensure the future of Ioesco. 

"It has been a labour of love and a privilege to serve Sanctuary Cove locals and the Greater Gold Coast community, and witness so many happy guests and wonderful moments over the years.”

Belinda Stapleton, the dynamic Mulpha general manager of hospitality, said: “We are delighted to invest in the future of this much-loved restaurant that helps makes Sanctuary Cove a great place to live and visit.

“Mulpha has a deep respect for the business that the Alfieris have built at Ioesco, and we want to ensure that continues into the future. Having Max and Amanda stay on through this partnership will ensure we continue the great legacy that they have created over more than a decade.

“To celebrate the partnership of Ioesco and Bimbadgen Wines, Mulpha are working with Max and Amanda in planning exciting new events and exclusive food and wine experiences for 2022. As well, diners at Ioesco will now be able to select premium Bimbadgen wines from the restaurant’s walk-in cellar for dinner or for a catered function in the restaurant.”

Mulpha also has several property development interests across Australia.

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