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Monday 31 January 2022

Tourism operators unite to fight logging of native forests

Many tourists do not notice the damage done to native forests in Tasmania by the ludicrously named Sustainable Timbers Australia.

Loggers are very clever in keeping their devastation from public viewing.

In the town of Derby, in the north-east of the state, local businesses have united on the eve of proposed Krushka forest logging to again call for Government intervention to protect forests.

The Krushka forests wrap around the Blue Derby mountain bike trails and leading local businesses are part of the 200+ business signature open letter to Premier Peter Gutwein and Tasmanian Government calling for "an end to native forest logging to allow our nature-based tourism sector to live up to the Brand Tasmania promise".

Louise Morris, co-ordinator of Blue Derby Wild said: ‘We have seen an unprecedented call from businesses across our island state, and globally, noting that our Gondwana forests are worth more standing.

"From global giants like Paddy Palin and Patagonia to The Tasmanian Walking Company, Franklin River Rafting and numerous businesses here in Derby we are all united in understanding our forests are our biggest eco-tourism drawcard, and our best natural assets for tackling climate change and increasing biodiversity loss. Our communities need our Gondwana native forests intact."

Damien Neilson, owner/operator of the Derby Bike Shop said: "We hear on a daily basis from our customers the beauty that Derby is, with its lush wet forests, the amazing views they get on the trails and how diverse the area is.

"To then tell them that these areas are about to be logged they are shocked and stunned that in this day the Government would agree to this. These forests are what make the experience for many, if not all, who visit and ride the trails in Derby and we need to protect these natural assets."

Jules Seymour, owner and operator of Pinned Property Management said: ‘When there are over 31,000 signatures from the general public, over 200 business owners and conversations from interested and concerned tourists in the main street daily, I really don't understand how they can ignore this.

"Plain and simple, it’s ruining the future of eco tourism in an area that will keep giving back year after year and be sustainable for years to come. Rider separation zones are completely irrelevant when they are ignoring the point that once these forests are gone, there is no getting them back."

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