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Wednesday, 12 January 2022

When a tip worth over 25% is laughed at

Only in America!

A debate has erupted on social media spreading from from TikTok to Fox News on whether an Amazon gift card is an appropriate tip for a waiter.

Californian Gustavo Lombera, 17, went for Korean food with his sisters Kaitlyn and Ashley. The bill came to $95.24, and a video posted online shows them attempting to tip the waiter with a $25 Amazon card instead of cash.

Standard tips for pathetically paid waitstaff in the US are around 20%, while this was over 25%.

But Americans have got into a major debate over tipping etiquette, The Drinks Business reported.

In an interview with Fox News, Kaitlyn revealed exactly what happened after the two sisters decided to share payment of the bill.

“My brother wanted to contribute somehow, so he offered to tip with the Amazon gift card,” Kaitlyn said. “Our waiter was super nice, we loved him…so my brother thought a $25 gift would be a good tip.”

The waiter laughed when presented with the gift card and so Ashley ended up tipping him on her card instead.

Your thoughts? 

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