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Great Eastern Wine Week - Sponsored Ad Leaderboard
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Thursday, 5 March 2020

Meet a new gin that is uniquely Australian

Meet a unique gin with authentic Australian flavours.

Underground Spirits, the most-awarded distillery in Canberra, has partnered with the Australian National Botanic Gardens to create Ad Crescendum Native Gin. 

Ad Crescendum, which means "to grow" was created with specially foraged native botanicals grown in the garden in celebration of the gardens’ 50th Anniversary year in 2020, and officially launched today.

“Last year, Underground Spirits and the Australian National Botanic Gardens agreed to work together to create a gin that was really something special,” said Underground Spirits CEO, Claudia Roughley. 

“We were so privileged to be given access to truly wondrous botanicals."

The name Ad Crescendum is a nod to the many precious plants and flowers grown, nurtured and protected at the Australian National Botanic Gardens. 

The native gin features botanicals from all over Australia sourced from the gardens including banksia, finger lime, rainforest aniseed, white aspen and yam daisy. 

“Being able to crack open precious seeds, leaves and bark that had been meticulously collected from the gardens and then given into our care; to see the vivid colours of the leaves being extracted into fluid, then distilled to create pure clear flavours is something we can all be very proud of and that we know many will enjoy,” Roughley said. 

Peter Feilen, Horticulturalist at the Australian National Botanic Gardens, said: “We have a hugely diverse collection of native species in our living collection, with seeds and cuttings sourced from every corner of Australia."

Underground Spirits’ Ad Crescendum Gin is now available to purchase online from, and from select retailers in Canberra. RRP: $95. 
Part of the profits from this gin help support native plant conservation activities by the Australian National Botanic Gardens.

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