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Thursday 19 March 2020

Coronavirus message failing to get through

Most of us are doing the right thing. Self-isolating if we feel unwell, washing our hands several times a day, leaving space between ourselves and the other folk ordering coffee and sitting in the back seat if we catch a taxi, or Uber. 

For others, however, living in their own idiotic bubble, life goes on as usual. 

Take the trio I saw last night, crouching down close to each other to share the joys of a joint. What better way to spread disease. Roll and smoke your own joints people. 

Then there was the group of old people who wanted to book a room this week for a wake. To honour the recently departed they wanted to smallest room available "for a better atmosphere". 

What is it about "social distancing" they don't get? 

None of them, apparently, had read a newspaper, watched the TV or listened to the radio recently. Or perhaps they are just so selfish they feel they immune to the norms the rest of us are following. 

Like the dopes who frequenting high-roller rooms at casinos, the footballers who are slavishly sharing tiny dressing rooms because their AFL and NRL masters - eyes on the TV money - assure them they will be safe. 

Local open-air markets have been cancelled, museums are closed, major events cancelled, nightclubs and swimming pools shut. 

Restaurants are moving their tables further apart and banning re-use cups and Catholics have no masses to attend. 

Yet I hear reports of visitors ignoring warning signs at Hobart Airport and refusing to fill in forms that would allow them to be contacted if necessary, and see locals carrying on shaking hands as normal. It's all just too hard to fathom. 

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